FIGHT T-shirt

FIGHT T-shirt


Straight Talk BN1

Handmade + Printed in Brighton, UK.

For this t-shirt, part of our newest mini collection, we wanted to strip back to our roots and make it clear what Straight Talk BN1 is all about. We want to spread a message, take a step back from society, question the world, and question ourselves.

What society says doesn't matter, be original and do not let the humdrum of your 9-5 disillusion your dreams. We are lead to believe we are free but we aren't, remember we are the only species on this earth that must pay to live. But together we can make a change.

We want you to wear our clothes and spread the message. Join our quest for the bigger picture.

All of our tees have a raw hem and neckline; embrace your inner punk.

Washing: Hand wash to ensure the longevity of the print, then shape t-shirt back to size and hang to dry. Don't put it in the washing machine

Size Guide:

XS UK 6 - Length 39cm x Width 34cm x Sleeve Length 11cm

S UK 8 - Length 42cm x Width 39cm x Sleeve Length 11cm

M UK 10 - 12 - Length 46cm x Width 43cm x Sleeve Length 15cm

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