Why You Need to Delete Tinder

By Milly Hailstone


You've got to agree with me here - the only good thing to come out of the Tindersphere is the memes. But then again, some of them are pretty horrific (see below) - no one needs that kind of BS choking up their phone. This is why you need to quit Tinder:

Sick of jerks on Tinder with their vile chat up lines? It's time to delete all of those internet dating platforms.


Tinder = Damaging AF


Now, when I say Tinder, I mean Plenty of Fish, Happn, Ok Cupid, Grindr and the rest. Don't get me wrong, if you're using the app to score then go ahead. But - if you're looking for love (and deep down I know that you are), you gotta delete that shit now. 


I mean, I hope this scenario never happens but bear with me here: Imagine it, you're like 65 and have grandchildren, the little munchkins ask how you met their grandfather/grandmother.

You say, "It's a funny story actually, he messaged me on an old dating app - Tinder it was called, doesn't exist now though. Anyway, he sent me a delightful message saying 'U up?' at 3 am. Then, we hooked up and I fell under his spell. I just couldn't resist his ignorant charm and manipulative games... He used to take 4 days to reply to my messages - but I just KNEW he was the one!" 


*eye roll*

Sick of lame chat up lines and obnoxious guys/girls? It's time to delete all of your dating apps and enter the real world! Internet dating platforms and Tinder aren't the place to find romance! #DeleteTinder


I get it, dating is so weird these days. In England, the guys are too timid to speak to you in real life - unless they are drunk, and apparently, in the U.S it's assumed that you aren't exclusive until a conversation takes place deciding that you want to be a couple. Weird, right?


But, meeting someone in real life is still totally less scary. I mean, when your friend says they are meeting up with someone from Tinder, you immediately groan and the word 'serial killer' flashes through your mind.

Ultimately, I think the main problem with Tinder is that creates an extra platform for abuse - as if we need another! The sleazeballs are more fearless than ever (just like internet trolls) and will call you an 'ugly slag' without a second thought after you reject their disgusting chat up line. Do you really need that kind of bullshit in your life?


The immediate allure is that you can meet people at the touch of a button, but it's not the place that you will find your soulmate. Are we agreed? Good. Now delete it. 



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Please Don't Re-Download It After Some Wine


There's nothing like some drunk swiping to get you into trouble. As hilarious as swiping through the app with your friends can be, it's pretty awkward waking up to a bunch of messages from guys that your friends 'super-liked' as a prank. Also, why the hell did they invent the Super Like? That blue star just smells of desperation! 


I also came up with something at University; I call it Tinder Fear. Maybe someone looked at you on the street for a little too long, or you recognize someone but you just don't know where from... Then, the immediate paranoia hits you - they've seen you on Tinder! It's also awkward AF when you bump into someone (in real life) that you 'matched but never messaged' on Tinder. Meh. 



I'd love to hear some of your Tinder horror stories... Or maybe I'm all wrong about this, and you married your Tinder date? Please let me know in the comments!