Why I Want to Be a Digital Nomad

By Milly Hailstone


Imagine it; you wake up one morning as the sun rises, you can hear birdsong welcoming you into the day. You slide open your van door, and metres away is a serene lake, surrounded by forest. Each day you can choose to adventure further or explore the place you woke up in. Money isn't an issue - you're self-employed and working from the road. A digital nomad.


I often write about 'van lifers' and tiny house owners for my day job and I can't help but be inspired. I've always had something inside of me that is never satisfied - I always want more and I feel like travel is the only thing that could satisfy this hunger. An additional allure is the minimalism that walks hand in hand with this type of lifestyle. 

In today article, I'm talking about my dream of becoming a digital nomad. It's very achievable to work online these days, and once I start to make enough money from my blog I plan to travel around Europe.

My boyfriend and I have talked about buying a beat-up VW van and hitting the road like you see so many people doing these days. I really believe this could be the cure for the disenchantment with society that so many millennials feel.


Who would want to be stuck at a desk, when it's possible to earn while you travel? All you need is a laptop and some coffee shop WiFi. I'm now lucky enough to live in mainland Europe and I have plenty of countries right on my doorstep. That's a lot of places, cultures, and roads to be explored.

I have lived in 4 different places already during my 24 years, and currently, I live in a different country to the one I was born in. At first, it's always exciting - the rush of moving to a brand new place, it's like a long holiday. But, once I've settled in I always have this feeling that I'm ready for more.


Unlimited Travel


I'm always dreaming of travelling to new places and often find myself staring at incredible scenery shots on Pinterest. I want to be an explorer - somebody who refuses to surrender to a 9-5 job, living just for the weekend.

Always wanted to travel the world, but don't have thousands in savings? Well, lot's of millennials are already doing this and I want in too! It's time to become a digital nomad. #digitialnomad 

Ultimately, it's about freedom. But how free is a person who is tied to their possessions, bills, or mortgage? Capitalism has got us delusional, we're constantly fed extra things that we don't need, and the tagline reads that we can have a better life. But it's just not true.

A nomadic life consists of the necessities, freedom, and stepping out of your comfort zone - something I'd really like to try. There is more than one way to live your life, so there's no need to blindly accept that you should do what everyone else does. If your soul belongs to the road, you've got to walk down that path.