6 Ways I Cured My Anxiety Using All Natural Remedies 

By Milly Hailstone


It's been months since I've had that feeling. You know the one, the unshakable notion that something is about to go really wrong. Honestly, I really feel like I've beaten it. So, today I'd like to share with you the small lifestyle changes I've made to make this possible. Hopefully, these tips can provide you with some anxiety relief too. 


In today's article, I'm rounding up all of the ways I cure my anxiety. From essential oils to proper self-care, this is ultimate life is anxiety relief resources. 


1. Discovering Lavender Essential Oil


Total game-changer. I'd encourage anyone who is even a little bit anxious to pick up a bottle of Lavender Essential Oil. It not only provides instant calming through scent, it can also improve your sleep! That's right, just a few drops of this baby on your pillow and you'll fall asleep quicker AND deeper! Getting a great night's sleep is also great for anxiety relief, so these two go hand-in-hand.  


If you're not sure which Essential Oil brand to buy or how to diffuse oil, learn all about it in my Essential Oil diffuser necklace review, linked below.


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This is the ultimate list of my anxiety-beating techniques. #anxietyrelief


2. I Started Exercising

Hello, stress release! It's incredibly important to have an outlet to release built-up stress and suppressed emotions. One way you can do this is through exercise. It's not only great for relieving anxiety, it gets you fit and healthy and releases those all-important endorphins, too. 


I also take a Pilates class once a week. This is such a great type of exercise as you live entirely in the moment. You don't need to think of anything, you just follow your instructor's voice and complete the small movements at hand. If I'm feeling groggy after work, I know my Pilates class is the ultimate cure. It clears my mind the same way only meditation can...


3. I Began Meditating


The calmness I feel inside my brain after meditation would have been previously unthinkable. Sometimes there is just nothing - no thoughts and no feelings, just an inner contentment. If you've been putting off meditation for a while, this is your push to begin! There is a super handy (and free) course on the Insight Timer app to get you started. It's called Learn to Meditate in 7 Days by Sarah Blondin - who has a voice like velvet! 


You won't regret this tip, I promise!


Meditation is a great stress-reliever which can help you take back control of your brain. Quitting coffee is also great for reducing anxiety, as well as exercise and drinking the correct amount of water. 


4. I Quit Coffee


I haven't had a cup of coffee in over 6-months, and quite frankly I don't miss the black stuff. It made me jittery, sweaty, and just plain anxious. A lot of people don't join the dots between caffeine and anxiety - I didn't for years, but this one change can make one hell of a difference. 

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5. I Started Drinking More Water


Hydrate or die! That's what one of my old school friends used to say, and she's totally right! Around 75% of Americans are constantly dehydrated - what does that say about body function? In order to get things working as they should, you need to drink more water.


You just made the excellent decision to quit coffee, right? Great, you can replace all those $4 lattes with crisp glasses of cucumber water. 


6. I Began Looking After Myself Properly


Ever heard of Self Love? Yeah, I hadn't until recently, either. But since I've started looking after myself properly and became aware there are certain things you can do to improve your mental health, things have got a lot easier. This includes putting myself first, saying 'no' to others and not feeling guilty about it, making time to look after my body and eating healthily. 


If you don't know where to start, feel free to check out What is Self Love? 

But, there is a little more to getting your shit together than embarking on a journey of self-love. As a whole, it's all about learning to constantly better yourself so that you can build a brighter future. This side of looking after myself included building a savings account, buying less random shit, learning to cook, and spending my time building a business rather than wasting hours on social media. 


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3 Extra Anxiety-Busting Tips


If you're already doing a lot of these things to no avail, let's talk about how you can take it to the next level. Here are 3 anxiety-reducing techniques that go a little beyond the 6 simpler self-care techniques I've listed above. 


  • Journalling: I've finally found a great way to journal! Instead of blankly looking at the page wondering what to write, I've started using Journal Prompts. Right now, I'm using the Anxiety Journal Guide from Rose-Minded which is a 52-week guide that helps you to explore and overcome a new part of your anxiety every week.

I've teamed up with Kay from Rose-Minded to give my readers a discount on this awesome product because I feel like it's worth sharing! To get 15% off, feel free to use the code emily15 at the checkout. This brings the price down to just $6.79 - a worthwhile investment if you ask me! If you're interested in any of her other products (like her gorgeous essential oil blends), my discount code is good for her entire store! 


  • CBT Techniques: It stands for Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and, in short, it can change your patterns of thinking or behaviors that lead to difficulties - in this case, anxiety, which in turn will change the way you feel. There are tons of self-help books on the subject or you can go right ahead and book an appointment with a CBT therapist.


  • St John's Wort Supplement: This strange sounding supplement was actually recommended to me by a reader (if you're reading this - thank you!). Some studies have shown that this particular remedy can be as effective as taking anti-depressant tablets. It's definitely worth a try and comes without all the mind-numbing side effects of Xanax. 


I hope you found this article useful! If you've got any natural remedies that I haven't mentioned, please post them in the comments so I can spread the word!