5 Awesome Resources for Improving Your Mental Health

By Milly Hailstone


For a long time I neglected my mental health, hoping my anxiety and negative thoughts would go away on their own. Obviously this didn't happen. After years of feeling bad I finally decided to take charge of my own brain and take back control of my life. Here, I've compiled a list of awesome resources that helped me do it. Hopefully, they can help you too. 


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1. Social Anxiety to Social Success 

If you suffer from social anxiety or panic disorder, Social Anxiety to Social Success will be a serious life line for you. It's written by blogger Anxious Lass who has had a long time struggle with social anxiety. It's not only relatable as hell, but it also offers up steps you can work through to overcome your anxiety.


As well as the Social Anxiety to Social Success ebook, it comes with 5 awesome worksheets that allow you to track your progress and easily plan each new step you need to take. 


If you're sick of social anxiety and want to live a happier life, you've got to get yourself a copy of Social Anxiety to Social Success. It's practical, easy-to-follow, and short enough not to be overwhelming. It doesn't promise overnight success, but if you use every strategy in this book, you'll start seeing results pretty quickly. It's honestly a fantastic resource to use in your fight against social anxiety - and one that will give you real results! 


Until 7th September 2018, you can get your copy of Social Anxiety to Social Success for 50% off - that brings the price down to just £8.50. To get this discount, enter the code birthday50 at the checkout


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2. The Anxiety Pocket eWorkbook


Created by therapist Heather LeGuilloux, the Anxiety Pocket eWorkbook has over 40 pages of anxiety related content. It offer up 15 different coping strategies, including grounding exercises, organization and lots more. 


This is another ebook that comes with worksheets so that you can easily follow along with the advice, and it is a great thing to have around when you need an extra boost of confidence or are stuck in a negative spiral and need to get out. 


According to Heather, there are more than 40 million Americans suffering from anxiety - so this could be a very helpful resource for a lot of people! To find out more info on the Anxiety Pocket eWorkbook click here

Got social anxiety, GDA or depression? Here are 5 inexpensive and extremely useful resources to help you cope with your mental health. 


3. Journal Prompts by Rose-Minded


Journaling is an incredible tool to use if you struggle with your mental health, as it really allows you to get to the root of the problem and take back control of your thoughts. In many ways, your journal will become your therapist. If you've read any of my more personal posts, you'll know that this blog certainly acts as one for me.


But sometimes it can hard to know what to write about. This is where journal prompts can help and Kay from Rose-Minded has some excellent tools you can use to help:


60 Day Mental Health Journal Guide for Bipolar Disorder by Rose Minded

52 Week Journal Guide for Anxiety by Rose Minded

52 Week Journal Guide for Depression by Rose Minded


I like Rose Minded's products so much that I teamed up with her to give my readers a discount. 

To get a 15% off use code emily15 at the checkout. 

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4. My Free 5-Day Anxiety Course


Anxiety has been a journey for me and it was hell until I learned how to cope. Right now I'm offering a free 5-day anxiety course that details exactly how I overcame anxiety. Each day, you'll receive emails from me with all my best tips on positive lifestyle changes you can make to lessen or completely get rid of anxiety. I'll be talking natural remedies, morning routines, meditation and much more. Sign up below: 


5. Aromatherapy Blends by Rose-Minded


If you are a regular reader here, you probably noticed how I always ramble on about how Lavender Essential Oil is excellent for anxiety. It was a life changer for me. But, what if there were specific blends that could help with your mental health? Well, Rose-Minded has created just that!


Brand new to her shop are 4 blends: Bliss, Serenity, Revival and Pleasure. Each eau de parfum fragrance is designed to promote mental wellness. I'm totally in love with these blends, so I teamed up with Rose-Minded to give you guys a 15% discount. Simply, use code emily15 at the checkout. 


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I hope you find these resources helpful - they are definetly working for me!