6 Must-Have Items for Your Self-Care Toolkit

By Milly Hailstone


Sometimes life just gets too much, but instead of staying under the duvet all day, you can try to turn it around by using a box of tricks that I like to call a Self-Care Tool Kit. This little box is full of things that you can use to escape how you feel, figure out your shit, and maybe even put a little smile on your face. 

Today, I'm talking about why you need to build a self-care toolkit. It's a great idea to have a box of things that will help you to feel better on bad days when you can't push past anxiety, depression or other mental health issues. 


Grab a shoe box and fill it with the following items to make your very own self-care toolkit:


1. Your Login and Password for 7 Cups


If you’re not already familiar, 7 Cups is a place where you can get online therapy and anonymous free counseling. If you’ve got nobody to talk to or feel like a burden as I do at times, chatting online to a counselor can really help.

I'm not sponsored by 7 Cups, I just generally want you babes to look after yourselves. If you think you’d benefit from therapy, I applaud you for having the initiative to help yourself. We’re all just out here wanting to live our best lives!


Disclosure: Some links in this blog post are affiliate links, meaning, at no extra cost to you, I may make a small commision if you choose to make a purchase through my link. Thank you for supporting the BN1 Blog, it means I can keep dishing out mental health tips for free!


2. A Book About Adventure


Escape into a different reality for a few hours with a great non-fiction book. Sometimes all you need is the perfect escapism to relax and forget about what’s troubling you in the present moment. In my self-care toolkit, I have the first Game of Thrones book: A Song of Ice and Fire.


All the crazy shit that happens in this series makes me feel like my problems are much more manageable… I mean no one’s gonna slit my throat at a wedding, are they!?


Alternatively, put a gorgeous copy of your favorite book in your kit or a reminder to watch a feel-good film. Grease and Burlesque always work for me! There’s nothing like a good musical to make the clouds melt away.



3. Lush Bath Bombs


Just the smell of a Lush Bath Bomb is enough to transport you into a field full of blooming flowers, or a sparky galaxy far, far away. Personally, I think these are a little pricey for regular use but that makes them the perfect treat to have around when you need something special.

My favorites are The Comforter (which is technically a Bubble Bar) and Twilight – they both smell incredible, the perfect balance of sweet and musky.

Going through a bad patch? Put together a self-care toolkit to get you through the bad days! 


4. Your Favorite Tea


Tea is so underrated by our generation. I mean, you’ve definitely heard people say, “Where there’s tea, there’s hope,” and “A good cup of tea solves everything.” So, this exactly why you need some gorgeous tea bags in your self-care kit. These are especially vital for winter care kits.


My favorite teas are Earl Grey and Black Chai from Yogi Tea. I even have an emergency stash of tea bags on my desk at work. You can take the girl out of England…



5. Super-Fancy Face Wash or Mask


So, let's talk about those days when you haven't left the bed and you're all smelly but you just don't give a damn. Those are the days when you must take yourself to the bathroom to shower and have a little pamper session. 


It's almost as if you can wash away some of that bad mojo, especially if you have a glitter face mask or something that smells delicious to use as a treat. I used this scary blackhead peel-off face mask the other day, and I seriously felt like a newborn baby after - it was great.


Then, once you're all clean, get dressed - even if that means a fresh pair of pajamas. 



6. Cute Tissues

I say this all the time, but I'll say it again for those boys in back: It's OK to cry. In fact, it's a perfectly healthy human response to emotion. Once you cry all that negative energy out, you usually gain a sense of clarity and then know how to handle the situation. 


This also doubles up as the perfect excuse to buy tissues that are probably for children... Life can't possibly be that bad if Hello Kitty is drying your tears, can it? 


I hope you like my list of self-care items, I’d love to know any must-have items you keep around that make you feel better on a bad day, please write them in the comments!