Anxiety: How to Stop Over-Thinking

By Milly Hailstone


For the second instalment of Anxiety Week, I'll be suggesting things you can do to quiet that panicked voice in your mind. These are techniques I've tried and tested, and things I currently do to try and keep my anxiety under control. If you missed part 1 of Anxiety Week, click to find out Why I Quit University.

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1. Recognise That Doubtful Voice


You know the voice I mean, the one that races through your mind at 100 miles per hour thinking up every bad scenario, everything you could have done better, and the million and one things that you need to do today. I'm all too familiar with this voice, mine has talked me into having many panic attacks and kind-of mental breakdowns over the years.

This voice is a hyper-panicked version of me, but I've come to realise that she's always talking nonsense.


2. Choose Not to Listen


Now that you know the voice, it'll become easier to stop listening to it. Next time your thoughts are racing, take a breath and remember that this isn't something you need to listen to or follow. After all, the scenarios that your mind thinks up rarely ever happen, do they?

Are your thoughts racing through your mind at 100 miles per hour? Here, I'm offering up tips to calm down your mind and quieten your anxious brain. Get ready to have an anxiety-free brain! 


3. Practise Mindfulness


The only time that I feel truly peaceful is after meditation - well, except for when I'm deep in nature, but I live in the city so it's not really possible to visit nature as often as I'd like.  Instead, meditation has an amazing way of clearing out the mind and getting rid of that know-it-all, stressy voice.


I use the Insight Timer app - it has some great guided meditations on mindfulness, anxiety, and depression. I meditate almost every single day otherwise my mind turns to chaos, and that voice starts to think she's the boss.

By spending 15-minutes every day on meditation, your mind will ease up so much.


4. Organise Your Mind


I'm an avid list-maker and have found that it's a great way to organise my mind. I usually think up 5 thoughts all at the same time, and by writing them down I can put them in a safe place where I won't forget them.  This works for to-do lists and journaling alike. Once it's down on paper, you don't need to think about it anymore. Let it go.


To take your journalling to the next level and really organise your mind, it's a great idea to use journal prompts. Being the anxious babe that I am, I use the Anxiety Journal Guide from Rose-Minded. It's a very helpful 52-week guide that helps me to explore and overcome a new part of my anxiety every week. She's also got some great guides for those with depression and bipolar disorder. 


I've teamed up with Kay from Rose-Minded to give my readers a discount on these awesome journal guides because I feel like they are worth sharing! To get 15% off, feel free to use the code emily15 at the checkout. This brings the price down to just $6.79 - a worthwhile investment if you ask me! If you're interested in any of her other products (like her gorgeous essential oil blends), my discount code is good for her entire store! 


I didn't discover journalling until recently and hadn't really thought about keeping a 'diary' since I was a kid. But, it's great that you can find journals and journal prompts that are specifically tailored to help you figure out your anxiety and improve your life! 


Another tip I'd like to share with you is, to talk about it. If you have a friend, partner, or parent you can talk about anxiety or mental health to it helps a lot. Similiar to writing it down, once thoughts leave your mouth, they often become lesser and the worry associated with them will disappear.


Discloser: Some links in this blog post are affiliate links, meaning, at no extra cost to you, I may make a small commision if you choose to make a purchase through my link. Thank you for supporting the BN1 Blog.