Hustle: How to Run a Business When You Have a Full-Time Job

By Milly Hailstone


Time management skills - some people just don't have them, but other's are killing it with their journals and 30-minute productivity slots. If you don't belong to the former but are still ambitious as hell, you need to figure out how to get extra time out of your day. We can't all be Beyonce...


I'll start off by saying: If you're reading this article and considering starting your own venture, you need to know that it's hard work. BUT, it's totally worth it! And, I think that you that NEED to do it. How else can you escape the dull cycle or work, eat, sleep, repeat? 


If you're like me, you don't want to settle for a 9-5 job. Instead, you're ready to open up yourself to new opportunities, and in doing so your life and salary can become limitless. It's time to stop being a slave for £7 an hour. 

So, what is it like to work full-time and run a business? In a word, busy. My first brain chatterings in the morning revolve around Straight Talk, as do my last thoughts at night. But, instead of getting overwhelmed, here are some actionable tips you can use to better juggle your life. 




Planning is an essential part of keeping on top of everything - especially if you are juggling your job, brand-new business, social life, and the rest. So, whether you choose a trusty notebook or a digital planner, find something that works for you. 


I currently use the Yaz Buckley Fashion Diary from Fashionary. It's got blank dates that I can fill in, as well as space for doodles, notes, and drawings. It's the perfect balance of organisation and creativity in my opinion. I've got to admit, I am very tempted by those beautiful Bullet Journals that I'm seeing all over Pinterest right now, though!



Ah, the quickest way to pass time. 


If you're partial to occasional (or daily) binge-watching you need to unsubscribe from Netflix if you want to get anything done. I initially lied to myself, saying that I'd still do plenty of work with Netflix on the in the background. But, in my humble opinion, there's something about How to Get Away with Murder that kills the creative drive. 


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After a solid 9-hour kip I can do 3 things at once. I'm serious, if you get good nights sleep you are going to be able to juggle your 9-5 and your new venture a lot better. Instead of staying up to 3 am doing mediocre work in a tired state, get a full 8-hours. Or, even take an afternoon nap if you need a little energy boost. 


I think a lot of energy comes from excitement and passion. That's why it's so important to do something you love, otherwise, you'll find it hard to get motivated. You've got to ask yourself, would I happily wake up at 5 am to work on this? If the answer is yes, you've found your passion.

Feel like you don't have enough time in your day? Create some extra hours and run your side-hustle more smoothly with these 5 tips!  #sidehustle   #entrepreneur




I'm classic for making this mistake. If it's the weekend, I'll pack my to-do list with a ton of ideas and things that I need to do. But, by Sunday night I've not completed half of them. Then, I'm hit with guilt and feel disappointed with myself, which in turn, makes me less productive. This is so silly, as I should be celebrating all the things I did tick off. So, I'd say you should start with 2 or 3 things you can do each day. 


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Building a better future comes with sacrifice. If you're, let's say, partying 3 times every week, cut it down to once per week and plug the cash you'll be saving into your brand new business fund. This will also free up to extra evenings per week so that you can start hustling. 


A lot of entrepreneurs often talk about staying in all the time when their friends are out eating at restaurants and sipping cocktails in bars. But, I think you need to find a balance to make things work. Your social life is still very important, as sitting at a computer can get pretty lonely at times. So, remember to have fun, leave the house, and laugh a lot! 




Yes, here it is. The tip you've all been dreading. 


However, it's the one that can change everything. Right now, I use my early mornings for gym sessions, which frees up my evenings for writing blog posts. But, if you'd prefer to get your side-hustle on in the mornings instead, that's cool too. Now that it's almost Summer, it's way easier to wake up in the morning - so no excuses, please! 


I'm not saying you should totally ditch your lay-ins, just reserve them for weekends! Life is all about balance after all. Most of all, you should enjoy the journey!