How I Started Straight Talk BN1, and Why You Should Follow Your Passion Too

By Milly Hailstone

If you’re working in a job that isn’t the one you dreamed of you’re probably feeling trapped and extremely unsatisfied. I know, I’ve been there. But, if I can launch a side-gig while working 50 hours a week a waitress, you can too. I was exhausted from 12-hour shifts on my feet, but I made it work.


Start Right Now

Starting Straight Talk BN1 saved me from the doom. It lifted me up when all I did was dread going to work. It gave me the hope that I wouldn’t be working in a restaurant forever. And hopefully, I can inspire you to make a move to change your career too.


I still work, and BN1 ain’t my main gig. But I’m out of restaurants for good. I’m now working as a writer, which not only pays my bills but acts as a creative outlet too. And yet, I still keep juggling BN1 in the background of my 40 hour work week. But I have more time for BN1 now, and I’ve slowly broken away from the drinking culture that consumes hospitality workers.

Many entrepreneurs say taking that first leap of faith is the hardest. And they’d be right. When I was starting my company I felt a huge weight on my shoulders, but when it launched I was flying high. And taking that leap felt so good. At first, I felt like everyone would judge me. But I was actually celebrated and congratulated by my peers and social media following.

My Best Advice

My biggest advice would be to start now. Get your hustle on. Work on your dream career in your evenings, weekends or whenever you have a day off. Bit by bit, you’ll see growth and before you know it you will have your first customer or whatever first milestone fits your new job.

Learn from me if you can, and don’t quit your day job too early. While freeing up my time for creation was great initially, I had no way to pay my rent and bills. It was exciting to live this way at first, but ultimately it affected the business. All my income was going on my living costs, and I found myself without a budget for business expansion.

So back to the daily grind I went, but for now, I seem to have found a good work/life balance. So if you’ve got a great business idea, or are just trying to chase happiness, do it. This could be the first day of the rest of your life. It’s damn hard work, but I’m certain it will pay off for me, and you.