Caught in a Trap: Are You a Wage Slave?

By Milly Hailstone

Do you live in a free country? Or, one where nothing is really free? Chances are, you're a slave to your paycheck and you need to be dealt a slice of reality. Society leads us to believe that we are free, but that’s far from the truth. Are you a wage slave?


wage slave
someone who must work so they can earn enough money to live and pay for the things they need.
Example: “High rent and low salaries have turned millennials into wage slaves.”


Our generation mostly joins the working world after uni with a fresh and shiny degree. We’re raised to believe that we can be anything we dream of, and from childhood, we’re told we can be astronauts, painters, and doctors. Our start in life is so ambitious, but it isn't until later that we find out how the world really works.

No childhood stories tell us the part where we are forced to become waitresses, bartenders, and cubicle workers just so we can pay the rent and bills. How, sometimes, we won’t have enough money for food. There is no fairytale warning us of how we get trapped in a vicious cycle in a job we hate, just so that we can exist.


If you're working your job solely for the money, it's time to take action.


Existing isn’t living, and being a wage slave isn’t a life that I’d want for anyone. And yet, many people don’t even realise that they are a slave.


We’re robots, waking up to the sound of an alarm, living each day the same as the one before.


Travel to work, do the mind-numbing job, eat lunch, work some more, go home, eat dinner, watch TV, sleep. Is this the life that you really want for yourself?

Instead, it's time to take matters into your own hands. Don’t let your 9-5 job dictate your life. If there is something that you've always dreamed of doing, now is the time. Forget about what is tying you down and choose a life worth living.


The hardest part of breaking the cycle is acknowledging that you’re caught in a trap. But, once you have this knowledge, you can choose to change it.


Rise up, make 2018 your year.