Ditch The High Street & Go Independent

By Milly Hailstone

Today, I urge you to ditch the high street. I've been keeping up to date with the Tuesday Bassen VS Zara story like I'm sure anyone with an Instagram account has - it's disgraceful that these High street shops are knowingly stealing designs, despite having enough money to hire the original artist.


But this time things are a little different, after reading the statement from the Zara lawyers basically bullying Bassen because she's a small fish in a big pond, they think that they can get away with it.


The internet, well mostly indie artists from all over Instagram have fought back, turns out there have been over 60 steals from 30 different artists. Check out this website Shop Art Theft made by Adam J. Kurtz (another victim), where you can get the real artwork, and laugh at the crap knock-offs.


In other news, I recently saw an internet petition with the people in my hometown actively encouraging each other to sign; about opening a Primark in the town. This literally made me feel sick. People were begging for this shop to open. Shoppers choose to stay willfully ignorant to save a few quid.


Nobody spares a thought for how these clothes are made, or where. It has been made aware that these sort of corporations use the cheapest labour and materials possible, with no regard for the effect that it has on their workers or the environment, yet most high street shoppers will still fill a basket and spend their money at the till.


FACT: Just because something is cheap doesn't mean you have to buy it.


Factories are tucked away in developing countries so shoppers can't see the effect their demand has. Imagine, such a factory in London, with children operating sewing machines and chemical clothing dyes being poured into the river Thames. There would be uproar. But, as long as it's kept out of sight and out of mind, this kind of disregard can be encouraged.


Shop independent. Challenge.